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Sandwich Selections:

Turkey & Swiss   $4.75  per person  
Ham & Cheddar   $4.75  per person  
Roast Beef & Muenster   $4.75  per person  
Corned Beef & Provolone   $4.75  per person  
French Dip   $4.75  per person  
Vegetarian Style   $4.75  per person  
Turkey Club   $5.25  per person  
Tropical Chicken Salad   $5.25  per person  
Albacore Tuna Salad   $5.25  per person  
-- Wrap Style add:   $.50  per person  
Lightly does it...      
Most sandwiches can be made with low fat mayonnaise and Healthy Choice select meats. Cheese can be left behind to lower the fat and calories.



Fresh Fruit Salad   $1.60  per person  
Country Potato Salad   $1.25  per person  
Creamy Cole Slaw   $1.00  per person  
Vegetable Pasta Salad   $1.85  per person  
Apple Waldorf Salad   $1.90  per person  



Veggies w/ Dip   $1.50  per person  
Cheese & Crackers   $1.50  per person  
Assorted Relishes   $.80  per person  
Potato Chips   $.80  per person  
Pretzels   $.80  per person  


Soup Tureen:

Vegetable Vegetarian   $2.00  per person  
Chicken Noodle   $2.00  per person  
Chicken Tortellini   $2.00  per person  
Tomato Basil   $2.00  per person  
Cream of Broccoli Cheddar   $2.00  per person  
Vegetarian Multi Bean Soup   $2.00  per person  
Corn Chowder   $2.00  per person  
New England Clam Chowder   $4.00  per person  
Cold Vegetable Gazpacho   $2.00  per person  
Cream of Mushroom   $2.00  per person  
Beef Chili   $3.25  per person  
Vegetarian Chili   $3.25  per person  
White Bean Chicken Chili   $3.25  per person  


Box Lunches:
Our 'Lunch On The Go' boxes contain a choice of:

Assorted Deli Meat Sandwiches   $8.25  each  
Silver Dollar Deli Meat Sandwiches   $7.75  each  
Assorted Deli Meat Wrap Sandwiches   $8.95  each  
Tropical Chicken Salad Sandwiches   $8.75  each  
Chicken Caesar Salad   $8.25  each  
-- A minimum order of 6 per any type of sandwich or salad.      
Box lunches include:      
-- Side Salad (except Caesar) of Potato, Pasta, Fruit or Cole Slaw
-- Fun Size Chip
-- Cookie or Brownie
-- Canned Soft Drink or Bottled Water



Chocolate Chunk Cookies   $11.00  per dozen  
Sugar Cookies   $11.00  per dozen  
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies   $11.00  per dozen  
Assorted Cookies   $11.00  per dozen  
Fudge Brownies   $11.00  per dozen  
Assorted Dessert Bars   $11.75  per dozen  
Lemon Squares   $11.75  per dozen  
Stawberry Cheesecake Bars   $11.75  per person  



Lemonade   $1.00  per serving  
Iced Tea w/Lemon   $1.00  per serving  
Canned Soft Drink   $1.50  per serving  
Bottled Water   $1.50  per serving  
-- Please refer to our Beverage Menu for additional selections.      


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