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Select from the items below to tailor your own Brunch …Extra Ordinare!

Main Course Egg Dishes:

Cheese Strata   $3.50  per person  
Quiche Lorraine   $4.25  per person  
Artichoke Frittata   $4.25  per person  
Bacon & Broccoli Frittata   $4.50  per person  
Summer Squash, Shiitake Mushroom & Bleu Cheese Frittata   $4.75  per person  
Breakfast Casserole   $4.25  per person  
Eggs Benedict Casserole   $4.50  per person  


Main Dishes:

French Toast Casserole   $3.75  per person  
Chicken Breast with Papaya Salsa   $5.00  per person  
Chicken Breast with Tart Cherry Sauce   $5.50  per person  
Peach Chicken   $5.50  per person  
Chicken Artichoke Mornay   $5.25  per person  
Chilled Poached Salmon Filet   $8.00  per person  


Meat Selections:

Bacon   $2.75  per person  
Sausage Links   $2.75  per person  
Sliced Ham   $2.75  per person  
Sausage & Peaches   $3.00  per person  
Sausage & Apricot Kebobs   $2.75  per person  


Potato Selections:

Hash Browns   $1.75  per person  
Potatoes O’Brien   $1.95  per person  
Cheesy Potatoes   $3.25  per person  


Vegetable Selections:

Broccoli with Hollandaise   $1.75  per person  
Minted Carrots   $1.00  per person  
Citrus Asparagus   $2.25  per person  
Fresh Vegetable Medley   $1.50  per person  


Salad Selections:

Fresh Fruit Salad   $1.95  per person  
Fresh Fruit Display   $60.00  Small $120.00  Large
Strawberry Spinach Salad   $1.75  per person  
Orange Almond Romaine Salad   $1.95  per person  
Pear, Bleu Cheese & Walnut Salad   $2.25  per person  
Fresh Fruit Kebobs   $1.50  each  
-For additional selections see our Spectacular Salads menu      


Pastries and More:

Assorted Mini Muffins   $1.50  per person  
Sliced Breakfast Bread   $1.50  per person  
Mini Danish   $1.50  per person  
Assortment of Pastries   $1.50  per person  
Coffee Cake   $1.75  per person  
Scones with Jam   $2.25  per person  
Scones w/ Butter   $1.95  per person  
Mini Cinnamon Rolls   $1.50  per person  
Full Sized Bagels & Cream Cheese   $1.50  per person  
Bakery Donuts   $1.65  per person  
Cheese Blintz   $2.50  per person  
Flavored Butter   $.30  per person  



Juice   $1.35  per person  
Coffee   $.65  per person  
Coffee   $19.50  per 30 cup urn $35.75  per 55 cup urn
-For additional selections see our Beverage menu.      


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