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Small serves:30 Large serves: 60

Fresh Fruit Platter   $50.00  Small $100.00  Large
A nice variety of seasonal fruit artfully arranged.
Fresh Fruit Display   $60.00  Small $120.00  Large
Fresh fruit creatively displayed and served with fruit dip.
Cheese Platter & Crackers   $49.50  Small $99.00  Large
A generous variety of chunk and soft cheeses arranged.
Imported Cheese Platter with Crackers   $75.00  Small $150.00  Large
A selection of imported & domestic cheese for just perfect for
the distinguished pallet.
Fresh Fruit & Cheese Platter   $60.00  Small $120.00  Large
Bountiful variety of fresh fruit & select cubed cheese.
Fruit & Imported Cheese Board   $82.50  Small $165.00  Large
Fresh Fruit accompanied by a selection of imported cheese for the perfect duo.
Cheese & Cubed Meat Platter   $82.50  Small $165.00  Large
Assorted cheese and cubed salami paired together.
Antipasto Platter   $82.50  Small $165.00  Large
Assorted cheese, marinated vegetables and salami arranged with a flare.
Vegetable Platter with Dip   $45.00  Small $90.00  Large
Fresh assortment of garden vegetables served with zesty dip.
Vegetable Platter with Hummus   $55.50  Small $111.00  Large
Crisp fresh vegetables with creamy Hummus to set your vegetable tray apart from the rest.
Vegetable Display with Dip   $55.00  Small $110.00  Large
Fresh vegetables carefully arranged served with zesty dip.
Relish & Vegetable Platter   $52.50  Small $105.00  Large
Select fresh vegetables & assorted relishes.
Nuts & Bolts   $33.00  Small $66.00  Large
A basket filled with mixed nuts and assorted miniature snacks.
Assorted Silver Dollar Sandwich Platter   $78.75  Small $157.50  Large
Deluxe meat & cheese sandwiches on small buns and
herb flavored mayonnaise.
Assorted Platter of Cold Dips   $55  Small $110  Large
Sample Platter of Red Pepper Hummus, Spinach & Mexican Cheese Dip served w/ Crackers, Pita & Tortilla Chips


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